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The Great War in the Vicentine Pre-Alps

The Vicentine Pre-Alps: an open-air museum which unites the considerable historical evidence of trenches and battles, of the living and the dead, to the beauties of nature. Everything here radiates memories, everything is a historical record regarding the event which perhaps more than any other affected this area: the First World War.
The itinerary is worked out specifically for those who want to unite a passion for nature with one for history, along historical walking and trails that have a lot to tell. You set out along the History Trail of Campogrosso, a straightforward walking route of primary importance for historical and natural features, which links the remains of military artifacts of the Great War.

The path is part of the system of the open-air Ecomuseum of the Great War in the Vicentine Pre-Alps. Among the quantity of evidence, the defensive works organised in the summer of 1916 can be seen. Many information boards along the route mark the emplacements, observation posts, tunnels, bunkers, trenches, military roads and places that saw bloody battles during the First World War.
Even Monte Civillina is a place that is very rich from the point of view of evidence of the Great War. Many emplacements have been found on its summit. Monte Civillina, with its central, elevated position prevented movement in the surrounding valleys, raising itself as a sort of natural defence work. All the ridge is scattered with emplacements, trenches, machine gun nests, and bunkers. The so-called sentry path, the "Sentinello", rises steeply and from it various paths that lead to various artifacts, almost all of which can be visited.
This journey to the origins of war ends with a visit to one of the places of particular historic interest: the German Second World War bunker at the Parco delle Fonti Centrali di Recoaro.
A treatment at the Terme di Recoaro spa can be combined with the itinerary, and a dinner with tasting menu including gnocchi pasta with fioreta cheese, a typical De.Co. product of the Province of Vicenza.

The tour operator suggests:

Excursion along the "Sentinello" path (history and nature guide on request) with packed lunch, overnight stay in double room with B&B service, traditional dinner with local produce. Cost from € 120,00 a head in double room.

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