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Waters clear, cool and sweet

A weekend in contact with that vital element par excellence: water. Follow the routes it takes and delight in its purity in a district where it gushes abundantly and crystal-clear: the Valli del Pasubio, where you can walk the famous Via dell'Acqua. This is an excursion which, as it does not present particular difficulties, is suited to all the family. The main theme is, indeed, water: motive force for all traditional activities, resource for current activities and wealth for the future.

This is a history and nature kind of walk and follows the course of the waters that the fairly broad mountain basin has always favoured. The wealth of waters has always been one of the chief characteristics of this valley. The walk crosses twelve depots, passing by the banks of the Leogra, and enables you to visit the bottling plant of a well-known firm and, finally, the Segheria alla Veneziana in the Seghetta district.
This is a saw for tree trunks operated by the force of the waters, called "Venetian-style" because it was introduced at the time of the Republic of Venice and modelled on a plan by Leonardo da Vinci; it replaced more basic makes of water-powered saw.

To get further into the theme of water we recommend going by car to the village of Posina, renowned for its spring waters. At Posina the streams are so rich in trout as to constitute an important sporting attraction. As an alternative to fishing, there are long walks along the paths where the water emerges full of minerals from the living rock, ready to be bottled.

Last Sunday in October: market fair of typical products of Posina.

The tour operator suggests:

Excursion along the "Via dell'Acqua" (nature guide on request) with a visit to craft and commercial activities along the way, an overnight stay in a double room in the area of Posina with B&B service and dinner with tasting of gnocchi pasta with Posina potato and Posina beans. Cost from € 95,00 a head.

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